11 December 16:00Münchenbryggeriet

Defining Sweden's best, 'most serious' employers of non-EU workers. 

Our survey on Kompetensutvisning has been us published over 25 times in the last year, including internationally.  As we strive for inclusion and dignity in the Swedish labor market without the politics, our Kompetensutvisning Baseline has provided concrete facts during such polarized times. The survey is still open, getting more respondents every week from foreign workers affected by kompetensutvisning.  

At the end of our survey, there is an optional question, out of 600+ (and growing) foreign workers responding to our survey, they were given the chance to nominate a person and/or company who they felt really did something out of the ordinary to help them.

We currently have over 60 nominees, nominated by our survey respondents. 

We want to help define which are the absolute best, the most 'serious,' employers, as leaders of diversity. We call this the Kompetens-IN-visar Award. This event is to celebrate these employers, nominated by their employees, as the next generation of leading diversity in Sweden. 

Question #42 (optional): Migrationsverket
"We have learned that many of us 'kompetensutvisade' have employers that really help us during this fight - is your current employer someone who helps you with this? Do you want to nominate them for an Award?"

All you need to know

The Kompetens-IN-visar Award will take place in Münchenbryggeriet, overlooking the Riddarfjärden waters and the City Hall of Stockholm. 

Prepare for inspirational talks, networking, food and an epic after party. Speakers and agenda will be revealed bit by bit, starting early fall 2019.

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